About Us

Donald Trump

Montgomery County Texas Veterans for Trump is a grassroots organization of veterans from all branches of service as well as active-duty military personnel who support the policies and agenda of President Donald Trump. We believe that President Trump is the best president for all Americans but especially for veterans. We are committed to supporting efforts to bring him back into office. We appreciate his efforts to improve the lives of all veterans.

We are a diverse group of veterans from all walks of life, but we are united by our shared love of our country and our commitment to serving our fellow veterans.

We are dedicated to fighting for the issues that matter most to veterans, such as:

  • Improving access to quality healthcare for veterans
  • Increasing funding for veterans’ benefits
  • Reducing the evergrowing veteran suicide rate
  • Supporting services for the mental health of veterans
  • Helping veterans find jobs and housing
  • Protecting the rights of veterans

We are also committed to promoting the policies of President Trump’s that benefit veterans, including:

  • Signing the VA Choice and Accountability Act, which gave veterans more choice in their healthcare providers
  • Increasing funding for the VA by $200 billion
  • Signing the Veterans’ Choice Program Improvement Act, which made it easier for veterans to get the healthcare they need
  • Signing the Veterans’ Mental Health Care Improvement Act, which expanded mental health care services for veterans
  • Signing the Forever GI Bill, which made college more affordable for veterans and their families

Are you a veteran? Join us! Together, we can make a difference.